Milk-free, Egg-free Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Pancakes

Hey There!

I typically do a dinner theme for each night of the week, this way, it takes away the last minute guesswork about what’s for dinner.  In our house we have “Breakfast Fridays”.  This means that for dinner on Friday nights we eat breakfast foods.  Usually, it is toast and bacon with fruit, or pancakes with fried potatoes n’ onions.  Sometimes it’s just cereal.  Hey, after a long, stressful work week, I don’t wanna have to really “think” about dinner on Friday night.  I just wanna relax and get ready to enjoy my weekend.  I love Kelly Rudnicki’s cookbooks.  I own 2 of them !  For my pancakes, I simply use Kelly’s pancake recipe. (Head on over to her blog to get the recipe

The trick, though, is that I use brown sugar (quite a bit, actually) instead of plain white sugar, and I add cinnamon to mine. And of course, a whole lotta’ vanilla! I also prefer my pancakes thin, so I increase my milk by about 1/4 cup. But, if you prefer thicker pancakes, leave as is.


Milk-free, Egg-free Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Pancakes


  • prepared pancake mix (per recipe)
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • cinnamon (to taste)


Here we go…


Prepare pancake mix as directed (use whichever recipe you prefer).  Add brown sugar and cinnamon.  Pour onto a griddle set to medium to medium-high heat.  When bubbles start to form on top, flip pancake over to other side.  Cook for another 2-3 minutes, or until done.  Top as desired.

We like butter (Earth Balance) and syrup?  Yum!!!


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